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IEM Energy Consultants, Inc.
LTSA/CSA Services

IEM Energy Consultants has been involved with long term type service agreements with most gas turbine OEMs, and we have performed various roles from lead negotiator, to technical advisor, to financial advisor, to contract drafter. We have been very successful over the years, and have saved our clients millions of dollars over the life of these contracts.

IEM Energy Consulting.

A sampling of our projects is shown below:

  • One Siemens 501F, three V84.3A2 and one 501D5A - all simple cycle - US
  • Two Siemens 501F - operating in combined cycle - USA
  • One GE 9FA - combined cycle - Italy
  • Four GE 7EA and one 6FA - simple cycle - Mexico
  • One GE 7FA and GE steam turbine - combined cycle - Canada
  • One Siemens 501F - simple cycle - Peru
  • Two GE 7FA and one D11 steam turbine (developed competitive bid package, awarded to non-OEM) - operating in combined cycle - USA
  • Two Siemens 501F and one steam turbine - combined cycle - USA
  • One MHI 501G - combined cycle - USA
  • Two GE 7FA and one D11 steam turbine - combined cycle - USA
  • Twenty four GE 7FA - combined cycle - various sites - USA
  • Four GE LM6000 - combined cycle - Canada
  • Four GE LM2500+ - simple cycle - USA
  • Four GE 7FA - combined cycle - USA
  • Two Siemens 501F - combined cycle - USA
  • Eight GE LM6000 - USA
  • Three GE 9FA - simple cycle - Australia
  • Two GE 7FA, one Toshiba steam turbine - combined cycle - USA
  • Sixteen GE 7FA, six steam turbines at six different sites - combined cycle - USA

IEM Energy Consulting.

Over the past decade, we have served clients world wide, representing investor owned utilities, municipal power authorities and Independent Power Producers. A representative sample or our customers include:

  • Northland Power - Canada
  • BOC Gases - Mexico
  • Portland General Electric Company - USA
  • Duke Energy Egenor - Peru
  • Rezia Energia - Italy
  • PSEG - USA
  • Dynegy - USA
  • NYPA - USA
  • Great River Energy - USA
  • OGE - USA
  • Alstom - Switzerland
  • MHI - USA
  • Greater Toronto Airport Authority - Canada

    IEM Energy Consulting.

    Following is just a sampling of some of our publications:
  • “Mitigation of Technical and Market Risks in Combustion Turbine-Based Projects: Long-Term Maintenance Contracts, Insurance, Electricity and Natural Gas Contracts”, EPRI, - November 2001
  • “Long-Term Service Agreements: Understanding ‘fine print’ can mean the difference between between financial success, failure” – Combined Cycle Journal 2003

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