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IEM Energy Consultants, Inc. was founded by Mr. Jeffrey J. Fassett, a registered Professional Engineer who holds a BSME from North Dakota State University with an emphasis in Power Plant Systems.
Mr. Fassett is a veteran of many years in power plant operations and maintenance, having served as Plant Engineer, Senior Plant Engineer, project engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Start Up Specialist, Start Up Manager and Plant Superintendent.
In addition he has been active in ASME in various roles as Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary, as well as serving on the Education Committee of the IGTI. He has been a featured speaker at a variety of industry conferences and has several papers to his credit.

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He has served on the GE7FA Users Group Steering Committee for 4 years and 2 consecutive years as chairman of the Gas Turbine Users Association’s, GE Frame 7 & 9 Roundtable.

He has taught college courses in power plant and process plant operations, instrumentation, Ethics in the Energy Industry as well as The Energy Industry and the Environment.

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